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Charlie's Story

Charlie was a crabby accountant who never met a P&L he didn’t love (to squeeze.)  


He might’ve been a little, well, salty. Then one day while crunching numbers, Charlie got a craving. For food, yes, but also for a bit of fun. He traded wingtips for flip-flops, swapped ties for tees. Just up and one-eighty’d his way out of the office and onto the beach.


Says he ain’t never going back.


But here’s the thing. You can take the businessman out of the … oh, y’all know the cliché. While eating and drinking and dancing on the sand, Charlie got an idea. An entrepreneur’s craving, you might say. For all the food, all the fun, in one fantastic place.


So he founded Coconut Charlie’s Pool Bar & Grill.


Charlie runs the place with the precision of an accountant – plus the passion of a foodie – and it all adds up to the coldest beer, the booziest cocktails and the best coastal-American cuisine on the beach.


Come be like Charlie. Escape, at least for an evening. The breeze is cool; the sunsets, killer. He’s still a bit salty, but this is the beach, where everyone and everything else is, too.

Charlie Bitmoji with suitcase of coconuts and cash
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